Bee Happy Woodworking and Honeybees

Just a little info on me. I’m a 55 year old who has been woodworking sense I was a kid. I have a love of making things with my hands. the feeling of turning nothing into something has always pleased me. I am also a beekeeper of many many years. started out helping a uncle who had over 4000 hives and I help maintain the 1000 he kept on his farm during the summers. I’v built everything from a custom motorcycle at the age of 18 to furniture for my home to Wind-powered wind generator motors that I sold across the US. I’m currently building a new shop next to my home to dedicate strictly to my woodworking that has pole power. My other two shops 1000 feet behind my home were powered by Wind and solar(to expensive to have street power ran to shops). I hope to be able to do videos and live streaming from the new shop when it is completed.

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