Brenda G Designs

Brenda Gibson of BrendaG’s Designs.  Crafter, Maker Artist.  Born 1956 in Dayton Ohio and raised on a dairy farm.  She learnt at a young age to build wooden farm gates and do repairs on the old wooden barns with with dad.  By the age of 10 she was maintaining the family garden and running a truck patch.  She was a 4-Her raising rabbits and beef cattle.  She broke ponies to ride for resale.  She learnt many old time crafts from her Granny like knitting, sewing, quilitng, and soap making.  Her main item for resale today is her Goat’s Milk Soap that she spent 30 years perfecting.  She has always been curious and is self taught in many arts such as painting, wood burning, engraving, weaving,  crochet, quilling, woodworking, paper crafts and much more.  She moved from the farm at the age of 18 but returned at the age of 33 when her dad had a stroke.  She took over the farm and raised Rare Heritage Livestock for 15 years.  Currently she is a Youtuber/Crafter/Maker with a Youtube Channel called “BrendaG’s Designs” where she does video’s with different art forms and comedy showing off her unique sense of humor.  While life has dealt her many set backs over the years, She never lets anything stop her from her goals.  Her motto is, “If a door closes, a window opens and it’s a window of opportunity.”


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