Cross Cut Creations

Cross Cut Creations started at the beginning of 2017 as a small business by Robert Dedinsky and continues to operate as such.  I (Robert) got into woodworking on accident.  I was looking up how to do some home repair (as a new homeowner) and came across a YouTube video about how to build a bench.  One video became two, became three, became… you get the idea.  Before long I was asking for tools and gift cards to big box stores to get even more tools.  I am a self-proclaimed YouTube taught woodworker (with a little help from local friends).  I would say that 90%-95% of what I’ve learned has been through watching YouTube videos.  I love the process of making.  Over the summer of 2017 I bought a lathe and that tool instantly became my favorite tool in my shop.  I love turning pens, toothpick holder key chains, seam rippers, mallets, and whatever else I can chuck up on the lathe.  Also as an addition to the shop, in December of 2017, I added a PiranhaXL CNC.  While I still maintain that the lathe is my favorite tool, the CNC is a very close second!  Take a minute to subscribe to my YouTube channel, like my page on Facebook, and follow me on Instagram!


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