Heath Knuckles

What to say about me…hmmm….
My name is Heath Knuckles, I’m from Indiana and I’m a Maker. ?

Being a Maker can mean different things to different folk.
As it pertains to me, being a Maker means casting wood and resin in order to create interesting, eye-catching display items. And sometimes…sometimes they are even functional! LOL

I started turning approximately 3 years ago, in 2014. It occurred completely by happenstance. My Dad, Ted, dropped off an old lathe and told me that I might want to give turning pens a whirl. Dad is one hell of a craftsman; he’s been honing that craft since he was a young boy and many of my memories are of him working in the garage on whichever project was at hand, be it cabinets, decks, breadboxes, bowls…. For some reason though, the bug never bit me. I was ‘young-n-dumb’, as the saying goes, and had MUCH more important things to focus on, like sports, girls…you know, the REALLY important stuff. ? Even years later, that lathe sat in my garage for about a year before I touched it.

Yep, a year…sorry Dad.

Then the wife decided to go back to college and get an ‘edumacation’ and I found myself with more free time on my hands than I’d had in a long time. What to do…what to do? To this day, I swear, that darn lathe whispered to me…”Heath…just give me a try. Just one pen. Try it; you’ll like it.”

So I did…and I did…and an addict was born!

I played around with pens for a bit; my wife certainly never lacked for writing utensils in class. But as anyone who’s ever turned knows, once the bug has bitten, you feel like Superman and the sky’s the limit! I started experimenting, making hybrid blanks and continuing to practice, practice, practice with the lathe. Funny thing…turns out you do need to practice in order to get better. Who’da thunk it!

I decided to post my first video to the ‘ole tube (YouTube) in June of 2016 and have continued to post videos I think “maybe someone will find this interesting” ever since. Low and behold, some actually did find my content interesting. Holy cow! And now I’m here…still thinking “maybe someone will find this interesting”. LOL

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