Herb Lichtenberg

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for checking out my bio.

My name is Herb Lichtenberg. I’ve hung around workshops since my earliest days as a youngster. Back in the day, you could find me in the high school wood shop, metal shop, and print shop most often. Believe it or not, they had all that. Shortly after high school, I was involved in the cabinet making business and maintained my love of many of the machines and tools that I used. I had a career in the CAD consulting business using AutoCAD, Catia, IBM CADAM, and MicroCADAM. After quite a few years in the CAD business, I made a permanent move into an IT career which I’m still in today.

Long before the idea of making videos that chronicle the process was popular, I was building many of the furniture pieces for my home including a coffee table, hall tree, bathroom vanity, corner entertainment center, etc.  For my workshop, I built a portable, extendable miter saw station, metal chop saw stand, tool storage cabinets, and much, much more. In recent years, I built a large 4′ x 8′ CNC machine using plans from the MechMate community and did chronicle that process on their forum using photos and forum posts but not much video was shot.

This year, I decided to dabble in the world of social media makers and the creation of (hopefully) fun and instructional videos. I enjoy teaching just almost as much as I enjoy learning. I think those that learn how to learn are always on an enjoyable life-long quest and I feel like I fall into that category. I hope that my enthusiasm for learning, for teaching, and the experiences that I have to share show through in my videos.

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