Knot and Burl Woodworks

2 years ago I was running a fairly successful Web and Graphic design studio. I had 2 full-time employees plus myself and had a running string of interns from the local college that would pop in and help out and learn the business.

The company turned 10 years old in 2017 but unfortunately due to a pretty major economic downturn in 2016, our region heavily relies on the Oil and Gas industry and oil prices tanked in 2016 causing the loss of thousands upon thousands of jobs which in turn hit some other industries fairly hard. Companies were no longer spending money where they didn’t have to and we went from doing 43 websites in 2016 to only 8 in 2017!!! Needless to say I chose to walk away from that endeavour and follow a passion that I had been dabbling in for about 5 years – woodworking.

I started back on this journey in late 2013. I was spending 14 – 16 hours a day at work. Sitting in front of a computer screen and didn’t really feel like I was getting anywhere. I was at a standstill and needed a change. I did some research and made my first bentwood ring with some veneer I found online, a wooden dowel and some sandpaper at our kitchen table… over the next month I made 10 more and placed them at my Wife’s table during a market she was attending. I sold 2 rings that weekend and was hooked…

Over the past 5 years I have expanded my product offering from Bentwood rings to include pens, bentwood and stainless steel rings, ring holders, necklaces, pen blanks, and various other small items.

This year I am planning on expanding into small furniture including side tables, lamps, office supplies and some other ides that I don’t want to share just yet – but keep an eye on my YouTube and social media channels for more.


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