Javi’s Wood Shop

My name is Javier Unzueta.

I’ve been an avid woodworker in one form or another since 1979, both professionally and as a hobbyist. My background  in Computers, Electrical Engineering, Construction and Business along with my successful companies, have allowed me the freedom to retire at 50 whilst pursuing my hobby full time. I’ve owned a sign shop for over a decade where I owned and ran various CnC equipment such as vinyl cutters, Laser Engravers, Rotary Engravers and CnC Routers. I’m currently building a larger DIY Gatton CnC. for the simple joy of building.  

I’m also a Husband, Father of 2 beautiful girls, Musician (Keyboardist), Singer, Contractor, Camping Enthusiast, Licensed Ham Radio Technician, and if you pick a mechanical or electronic hobby, odds are, I’ve done it or am interested in it. 

I’ve been fortunate to always have been able to learn and do what interested me and I expect to continue to do so long into my autumn years. 

For some of my current and future projects, visit my site and www.javi.com.