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2018 Portal Woodworks you Tube One sheet Plywood Challenge

July 1st to July 31 2018

Rules and links here

Winners to be announced Aug 12th 2018


Javi’s Woodwhop Almost Useless Challenge 2018

Contest is over.  Winners are:

  1. Mike Hightchew
  2. Kinderhook
  3. Revamped


Know what mom knows Sawdust awareness ChallengE
Makers Rock 2018 – Challenge over

Info available at Awesome Wood Things you tube channel or at the website

Nov 2017 – Javi’s Almost Impossible 30 day Challenge

Contest is over.  Winner was Peter Passuello of CNCnutz

Dec 2017 – Portal Woodworks Bandsaw Box Challenge
Nov 24th to Dec 24 – Dave Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge