Odessa Woodworking and Maker Shop

I am a hobby woodworker and maker.

I enjoy helping others learn at the same time that I learn, while having fun learning new things and sharpening my skills in all the crafts that I tinker in. I am an avid woodworker and maker. I have participated in many projects in many fields such as woodworking, electronics, computers, metalworking, auto mechanics, photography and others. I sometimes I find myself being a jack of all trades, and yes, a master of none, but I am trying.

I use all sorts of tools and am constantly adding new ones into my shop. These tools are not limited to the scroll saw, CNC, router, band saw, table saw, drill, sander, and all other tools in the shop.

I love sharing my knowledge about the many fields that I dabble in. I learn constantly from the mistakes I make, and I will sometimes share those with you.

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Thank you Al Forte

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