Rowdy Penguin Productions

Welcome to Rowdy Penguin Productions, Handcrafted Woodworking Designs.

Rowdy Penguin Productions is a Veteran Owned Business that offers hand crafted woodworking designs.  Projects include keepsake boxes, candle holders, challenge coin displays, furniture, cutting boards, footlockers, wall art, décor items, and pretty much any custom item required.  If you see something you like or have an idea for a custom item, contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote.


Woodworking is my zen time – a day in the shop is excellent to decrease the stress of life and create something.


I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer who has been doing woodworking for over 10 years and am located in Citrus Heights, California. My shop is a building behind our house here in Northern California and has a ton of space. Of course, that space is often an excuse to buy a new tool (YES!).  I am also a PhD in Public Safety with an emphasis in Emergency Management.  This fills my day job role and feeds my passion for writing.


Though I have a full time job, I do woodworking on the side. Making woodworking projects and designs to your needs is part of the creative process. All items are made to order. If you see an item you would like, please contact me. If you have an idea for a project, please contact me.


All first time orders come with a unique Rowdy Penguin Challenge Coin.


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