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My name is Tanda Headrick (I use my middle name Madison in most of my social media). I have been making things for as long as I can remember.

When I was young I had an abundance of “home alone” time and I spent much of it in my father’s shop making things. If I wasn’t home alone, at school or some school event, I was most likely at work with my Dad. If it was his regular job we were out in the oilfield working on production equipment, if it was the weekend we were running the backhoe and bulldozer in his sideline excavation business. In the time that was left we raised cattle, cultivated a small 1 acre grape vinyard, grew a garden, and basically kept all the equipment that goes along with the above running. Needless to say, I had a lot of “making” exposure.


Computers captured my attention and were the thing to be making when I was in high school and getting ready to head off to college. As a result, I earned a degree in Computer Science and Digital Electronics and started my first business when I was a Junior in college. Most of my early making and design work were centered around micro-controller based electronics. If my business needed cases or mechanisms or machined parts or other mechanical interfaces, I acquired the tools to do it myself instead of hiring it done. As time went on, I started offering some of these capabilities as outside services. You might call my official business an industrial design firm. I am a skills collector with a tool problem! Haha. I have capabilities in Machining, 3D printing, Laser cutting and engraving, powder coating, welding, urethane molding, 3D modeling, plasma cutting, embedded systems, robotics, custom electronics…


I’ve been playing with videos and social media to get some experience and learn the ropes. I’ve been doing this under the name Tanda Madison or Tanda Madison Makes. At this point my channels are pretty random. My longer term focus is to use the capabilities of my industrial design business to, in addition to making my own finished products, begin making parts and products in kit form for the maker community. These products will allow other makers to enhance or add a little something extra to their builds where my skills and output can complement their own. My products are mostly electro-mechanical in nature so you might think of them along the lines of high-tech pen kits or clock movements.


I enjoy collaboration and look forward to working with the other makers in this network.

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